Timing belt replacement Bradford

If your timing belt snaps the likely damage to your car’s engine – and your bank account - is huge. The timing belt is a vital part of an internal combustion engine, so it’s important to keep it working because a broken timing belt will effectively write your engine off and an expensive engine rebuild is required.

Don’t gamble on an expensive repair

When a timing belt breaks, the engine’s valves stay in the open position, the crankshaft continues to rotate and this can cause the pistons to strike the valves that are left open. Chaos ensues inside your engine and the damage done can be massive. Replacing your timing belt is the much cheaper option.

When to change your timing belt

The timing belt on your vehicle must be replaced when

  • Your manufacturer recommends it (between 40k and 120k miles)
  • At 5 years
  • If it shows any kind of damage
  • If it shows areas of excessive wear

If not replaced in time, the timing belt may break possibly causing serious engine damage.

Timing belt repairs in Bradford and Shipley

We’ve been doing timing belt repairs in Bradford and Shipley for nearly 30 years, so we’ve got lots of experience. Please don’t leave it too late to change your timing belt – contact us at Drive in Service Centre to make sure you check your timing belt and to get it changed if necessary.

To get a free estimate or free advice on when your timing belt should be replaced, call us on Bradford 01274 794991.