Car servicing in Bradford from £100 + VAT

Servicing your car regularly helps to avoid any mechanical problems and keeps the resale value high. But you don’t have to go to a main dealer to get great quality car servicing in Bradford.

At Drive in Service Centre we’re real car specialists, so stop paying the high prices charged by main dealers when we can provide the same level of service, repairs and high quality parts at a fraction of the cost.

Everything’s the same as a main dealer but the price

Main dealers have to inflate their prices to cover their huge overheads. We don’t share anything like the same overheads, so our prices can be much, much lower.

As with a main dealer, when Drive in Service Centre services your car:

  • your service book will get stamped
  • your warranty will stay intact
  • your car will run just as you want it to.
  • best of all, you’ll save a fortune!

Servicing your car during its warranty period

Thanks to a government ruling called Block Exemption, you’re now freely able to use a garage of your choice to service your car without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty in any way.

When you need your car servicing, we’d like to think that there’s nowhere better in Bradford or Shipley and, once you’ve compared our prices, we think you’ll agree.

Call us today on Bradford 01274 794991 and ask about our great service and excellent prices.