MG servicing in Bradford

mg.pngYou should service your MG frequently to help reduce unwanted repairs and to make sure that the value of the vehicle stays strong when it comes to selling it. But there's no obligation to go to a main dealer if you want top-quality MG servicing in Bradford.

At Drive in Service Centre in Shipley we’re MG servicing experts, so you can safely stop visiting a main dealer for your servicing and stop paying their inflated prices. Try us instead. We are able to offer the same level of service and high quality parts, but at a fraction of the cost.

Everything’s the same but the price

Main dealers have to raise their prices to cover their massive overheads. We don’t have anything like the amount of overheads, so our charges can be much, much lower. With us you could save almost 60%.

With Drive in Service Centre, as with a main dealer:

  • your service book will be stamped
  • your warranty will stay intact
  • your 'service due' indicator on the dash will go out
  • your MG will run just as you need it to
  • you have the option of a FREE courtesy car

Best of all, you’ll pocket a ton of money

Servicing your MG during its warranty period

Thanks to a government law called Block Exemption, you’re now freely authorized to use a garage of your choice to service your MG and have it done without nullifying the manufacturer’s warranty the least bit.

So when you want your MG servicing, we’d like to drop a hint that there’s nowhere superior in Bradford or Shipley to do it than with us and, once you’ve studied our prices, we think you’ll agree.

Phone us today on Bradford 01274 794991 and ask about our excellent service and extraordinary prices.