Engine remapping Bradford from just £199

Did you know that the engine in your car has been intentionally restricted by the manufacturer, that it has much more power, torque and speed than it’s giving you – not to mention the improved fuel consumption? It’s time to wake up your car and you can do it, right here in Shipley, Bradford!

Vehicle manufacturers restrict the power output from their vehicles for a number of reasons. It may be to cater for countries which use sub-standard fuels, or to get a car into a certain class.

The great news is that you don’t need to keep these restrictions in place. Within 1 hour you could bring your car to life and enjoy the increased speed, acceleration, torque (great for towing) and improved mpg; all this for less than £200.

So what’s done?

Well, you might think that your vehicle is controlled by your feet – but it’s really run by a computer. This computer decides everything about how the car performs. All we do is tell the computer to do things slightly differently by altering the information it reads.

What are the benefits of remapping my car?

There are loads of reasons to remap your car:

  • Boost in BHP (up to 35% on some turbo diesel cars)
  • Improved fuel consumption – get up to 5 miles per gallon more
  • Increased acceleration for overtaking or when laden with weight
  • Much better towing performance
  • Less wear on engine parts as they’re not working so hard

Each car is different so it’s hard to say on here how much better we can make your car.Call us and we’ll be able to tell you how we can improve your car's fuel economy, acceleration and overall performance!

Quick remapping service

We can normally have your car in and out within an hour. Call us to get a price and to book your car in for engine remapping by calling us on Bradford 01274 794991.